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One problem that some viewers have is when they view the site on the wrong resolution. This site was designed to be best viewed on resolutions 1024x768 or higher.

As all you “techies” out there will understand, we took this approach to give our viewers more content and better quality pictures. For this reason, if your resolution is set at a lower resolution like 800x600,which are now considered “old school” all the pictures on SAMBA will appear larger than normal.

To fix this problem, simply

CLICK on your [start] button on your computer, select [Control Panel], then select [Appearance and Themes], click on [Change the screen resolution] and select the [setting] tab. Once in that area, slide the bar on the bottom left of that pop up window to the desired resolution (1024x768). Click [apply] and click [ok]

Your resolution should now be set at the proper setting to enjoy these SAMBA GIRLS.

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